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Motive Mobile App

The Motive Mobile app is available on iPhone®, iPad®, iPod® touch and Android™ phone or tablet.

Learn more about the Motive mobile app with the FAQ below, or download the app through the following links:

Download on the App store AppleGet it on Google Play

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Getting started

What can Motive Mobile do?

Our app handles everyday banking transactions, no matter where you are. With Motive Mobile, you can:

  • Check your account balances and account activity
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manage scheduled payments and transfers
  • Check the latest interest rates
  • Send or receive Interac® e-Transfers, or add an e-Transfer recipient
  • Find your closest ATM

To use our mobile app, you must be signed up for Online Banking.

Does Motive Mobile cost anything?

We don't charge clients to download or use Motive Mobile. However, since downloading and using the mobile app requires data to be transmitted, your data provider may charge you for downloading and using the mobile app. Transactions completed using Motive Mobile are subject to transaction fees provided for in your account agreement.

How do I download Motive Mobile

For iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch® users:

  1. Search for "Motive Financial" in the App Store.
  2. Select the app icon and verify that the author of the app is Canadian Western Bank.
  3. Tap the icon marked "Get" and then tap again when it changes to "Install".
  4. Enter your App Store password and you're done!


For Android™ phones and tablets:

  1. Tap the search icon and search for "Motive Financial" on Google Play™ store app.
  2. Select the app icon and verify that the author of the app is Canadian Western Bank.
  3. Tap the icon marked "Install," then tap “Accept” in the next screen


Or on your mobile device, click the appropriate link below:

Download on the App store AppleGet it on Google Play

Which operating systems does Motive Mobile support

For iPhone, iPad and iPad touch: Requires iOS 11 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

For Android devices: Android OS 4.1 and up. As long as your device runs a version of the supported Android operating system, that device should be able to run CWB Mobile but the visual anomalies may be experienced on certain Android phones and tablets.

I don't have an Apple or Android device. Can I still access mobile banking?

Motive Mobile is available on Apple and Android devices.

If you have another type of internet-enabled mobile device, you can continue to bank using our full-featured mobile site in your mobile browser at: https://access.motive.com/m/OnlineBanking/. You don't need to download anything to use mobile web banking.

What permissions are required by the Android app?

You will be prompted to grant permission to access the following functions of your Android device:

  • Approximate location – allows the app to use the device’s GPS to find the nearest branch or ATM (future enhancement).
  • Full network access – allows the app to connect to the Internet.
  • Hardware controls for pictures and videos – picture and video functionality are disabled in the app, but accepting this permission request is required to install the app.

Please note: depending on your operating system, these permissions may be worded differently on your Android device.

Your privacy and security are very important to us. We never use your information for any purpose other than delivering mobile services to you. For more information on how we keep your personal information safe, please see our privacy code.

What if I don't want to grant permission for some or all of the permissions required by the Android app?

In order to use Motive Mobile, you must grant all requested permissions. You can turn off the GPS, and therefore the location finder by going to your privacy settings. In addition to being presented with permissions during the installation, you can view the permissions under “app info” after the app is installed.

If you do not want to grant these permissions, you can access your Motive accounts, on your phone or tablet, using mobile web banking.

How do I delete Motive Mobile from my device?

For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users: removing the app is as easy as tapping and holding your finger down on the Motive Mobile App icon, then tapping the "X" in the top right corner.


For Android users: Methods of uninstalling the app will differ based on your device, but here are two options:

Option 1:

  1. Visit your device's Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device).
  2. Touch the app you’d like to uninstall.
  3. Select Uninstall.

Option 2:

  1. Visit you device's all apps screen.
  2. Hold you finger down on the Motive Mobile app.
  3. Drag the app to the word Remove that appears in red.


What's my Personal Access Code (PAC)?

You created a PAC when you signed up for Motive Online Banking. Your Personal Access Number/Client Card and personal access code is what you use to log in to Motive Mobile. If you forget your PAC, or would like to change it, phone us at 1-877-441-2249.

Whats QuickView

The unique QuickView feature displays the balances of your selected accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to log in first. The default setting of the QuickView feature is "Off". You can turn on QuickView under Settings/Preferences on Motive Mobile.

Will Motive Mobile work if I have a shared or joint account?

Yes. Just enter your Personal Access Number/Client Card and PAC as you normally would to log in to online banking.


Is Motive Mobile secure?

Yes. Motive Mobile uses data encryption technology to prevent fraud. If you incur losses due to an unauthorized banking transaction you will be reimbursed as set out in your account agreement.

Does Motive Mobile store banking data on my phone

No, the app does not store any banking data.

If my phone is lost or stolen, will my information be at risk?

Your account can only be accessed by entering your personal access code. However, if you have activated the QuickView feature, your account balances will be visible. For additional security, we recommend you add a passcode lock to your smartphone and keep this passcode protected.

If your phone is lost or stolen, contact your mobile carrier right away to deactivate your phone. You may also change your personal access code by contacting us at 1-877-441-2249.

At any time, you can stop the mobile app from accessing your account information by un-pairing it on your Online Banking.

How can I protect my security and privacy on my Android smartphone?

There are a number of ways you can help to make your use of our app safe.

  • Setup a password on you Android device and committ this password to memory.
  • Check the authenticity of your app by ensuring the app being downloaded is from Motive. In addition you can:
    • Read the comments about the app in the Google Play Store.
    • Read the description of your app.
    • Review the developer and the developer's website. In this case, Canadian Western Bank.
  • Check you permissions after updating the app.
  • Consider anti-virus software for your Android device.
  • Never leave your mobile device unattended while doing any mobile banking.
Do I have to worry about phishing on my Android or Apple device?

Phishing emails and texts are fake messages trying to get you to reveal your client account information.

With any type of mobile banking service you should follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure you know who has sent you a message - if in doubt, delete it.
  • Never click on any links if you are not sure of the sender.
  • Never send any confidential information to anyone - your financial institutions will never send you unsolicted messages to confirm you account details.

Technical support

I locked myself out of Motive Mobile. What do I do?

Phone us at 1-877-441-2249 and we will reset your online banking Personal Access Code.

I have a question about Motive Mobile that's not listed here. Who do I contact?

Phone us at 1-877-441-2249 and any of our internet banking agents will be happy to help you use Motive Mobile.