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Non-registered GICs

Lock in your savings and feel secure

New Motive clients will be required to open a Motive bank account with Canadian Western Bank to buy an Eligible GIC. There will be no costs or fees charged to you in connection with the opening of your Motive bank account.  Please refer to our Service Fees page to understand the best account for you. The purpose of the bank account is to allow us to assess the possible risks (traceability etc.) associated with the transfer of funds and for the administration of the Eligible GIC. 

Short term GIC


Term Annual interest rate Special offer*
120-days  4.15%  5.50%

*Special offer available for eligible new money deposits only. New money is defined as funds not held on deposit with Motive Financial prior to February 1, 2024. Terms and conditions apply. See full terms and conditions.

Long term GICs


Term Annual interest rate
1-year 5.40%
2-year 5.20%
3-year 4.65%
4-year 4.50%
5-year 4.35%
6-year 4.30%
7-year 4.60%
8-year 4.60%
9-year 4.60%
10-year 4.60%

Effective date: 29-April-2024

1Minimum balance of $1,000 required.
2The holder has the option to receive interest paid annually into a Motive Savings Account or to have the interest compounded annually and paid at maturity. On Motive GICs with a term of at least 12 months, customers over the age of 57 also have the option of having interest paid monthly into a Motive Savings account.
3Interest is compounded annually and paid at maturity. Interest will accrue on deposited funds as of the date funds are deposited. Interest rates and rate tiers are subject to change without notice. Interest is paid in the currency of the account. All rates quoted are annual interest rates.
4Rate is calculated on a per annum basis and interest is paid at maturity. Monthly interest payments are not available.

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Motive Financial is a trade name of Canadian Western Bank, which is a member of CDIC. Deposits made under Motive Financial and Canadian Western Bank are aggregately eligible for CDIC protection up to $100,000 per category, per depositor.