Balance Alerts

New notifications about your bank account and credit availability 


What are the benefits of balance alerts?
Motive Balance Alerts will inform you of low bank account balances and low available credit for lines of credit accounts. They may help prevent certain fees such as Non-sufficient Funds (NSF). Balance alerts can be customized—you will be able to choose your minimum balance or credit threshold, manage your own alert settings and preferences. 
How do I identify balance alert notifications?
Email balance alerts will be sent from [email protected].   
How will balance alerts work?
A Motive Balance Alert will be sent to you any time your available balance or available credit falls below $100 or a minimum threshold of your choice. Balance alerts are initially sent by email, but you will be able to change the way you receive them (email or by SMS/text). You will also be able to opt out of balance alerts at any time. 
Who receives balance alerts?

Existing customers with a valid email address who use online banking will receive balance alerts for: 

  • Deposit accounts (chequing and saving)
  • Lines of credit
How do I change my balance alert amount?
Login, go to “Manage Alerts” and “Edit Alerts” and then “Edit”. You will see the amount defaulted to $100. Click on $100 and enter the amount you would like to set your alert minimum balance, then press “Submit”.
How do I change the way I receive balance alerts?
Login, go to “Manage Alerts” and click on the alert you want to edit, under active alerts, and select “Edit Alerts” and then “Edit”. You can select “by email” or “by text” by adding a mobile phone number. Select email or phone and then press “Submit”. 
How do I opt out of balance alerts?
Login to online banking, go to “Manage Alerts” and “Edit Alerts” and then unselect/uncheck the accounts/method of delivery you do not want to receive alerts for.   
Why am I not receiving balance alerts?
  1. Check your junk mail folder. Tip: add [email protected] to your address book.
  2. You may not have been automatically set up for balance alerts. If you are using online banking but not receiving alerts, you will need to log in to set up alerts:
  • Login
  • Go to "Create Alert"
  • Set your preferences and "Submit"
  • You can edit your alerts by going to "Manage Alerts" and "Edits Alerts" and then "Edit".

You will only receive an alert when your available balance or available credit falls below the threshold you set.

Is there a fee for balance alerts?

Motive Balance Alerts is a free service, but standard messaging and data charges may apply depending on your mobile service provider.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charges and additional interest charges or fees may apply if transactions exceed your available balance or credit limit. 

Can I contact Motive Financial to change my alerts?
Only you will be able to make changes to your balance alert preferences through online or mobile banking. 
How can I learn more about electronic alerts?
Electronic alerts are a new requirement introduced by Canada’s Financial Consumer Protection Framework. These alerts will help protect consumers. All banks are required to send electronic alerts as of June 30, 2022. Learn more here