Motive® Chequing

Out with fees and in with free

Motive® Chequing

Motive Chequing features no-fee daily banking. You’ve worked hard for your money - we just wouldn't feel right taking it from you. In fact, our chequing account is better than free - it actually pays you interest. Money for nothing. How does that sound?

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Product Information

$0 and over 0.60%


Monthly fee Free
Monthly withdrawals2 included Unlimited
First 50 personalized cheques Free
THE EXCHANGE® Network ATM withdrawal fee3 Free
Non-EXCHANGE Network ATM withdrawal fee3 $1.50 each
Interac® e-Transfer   $1.00

1Interest will accrue on deposited funds as of the date funds are deposited. Interest is calculated on the daily closing balance at the applicable rate tier and paid on the last day of the month, for the period beginning on the last day of the previous month and ending on the second last day of the month. Interest rates and rate tiers are subject to change without notice. Interest is paid in the currency of the account.
2Withdrawals include online bill payments, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) withdrawals, Interac® Direct Purchase payments, Interac e-Transfers, electronic funds transfers to another financial institution, automatic payments and other electronic debits.
3ATM owner may levy a transaction maintenance fee. This fee is the responsibility of the card holder.

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Your deposits may be insurable by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Motive Chequing