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Savvy Spotlight: The Globe and Mail shares why Canadians need a Motive Savings Account

One of Canada's leading personal finance columnists highlights the benefits of Motive's easy-to-use, high interest savings account.

Rob Carrick, national Personal Finance Columnist, recently recommended the Savvy Savings Account from Motive Financial to Canadians looking to earn more for their money in this Globe and Mail article.

“Motive earns a shoutout by offering 4.10% interest on savings, straight up, with no teaser or promo periods,” says Rob. In fact, “Motive offers one of the best returns available for a traditional savings account.”

It’s no surprise Motive is getting this kind of coverage. With one of the most competitive high interest savings account rates in Canada, Motive continues to be the best bank for savers. In addition to an unbeatable rate of 4.10% that isn’t a temporary offer or subject to hidden terms, Motive accounts have no monthly fees, and savers get unlimited transfers between accounts. You can even link an external bank account to easily transfer funds for no charge.

The features of the Motive Savvy Savings account were developed with the client in mind. Motive is also a member of the Canada Deposit Insurance Corp. (CDIC), so you can save stress-free, knowing your money is secure.

In closing, Rob says, “What I really like about Motive is looking at the monthly interest payments in my savings account. The Motive Savvy Savings Account is absolutely worth a look if you want an uncomplicated way to park savings and earn inflation-beating amounts of interest.”

Find out more about the Savvy Savings Account and start saving today.

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