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Inside Motive Financials personalized client service

When you call most online banks you probably expect automated answering machines, hold music and scripted hellos. When you call Motive Financial, you can expect something a little different. In fact, if it’s not your first time calling, you might even be on a first name basis with whoever’s on the line.

This month we gave Pat Neitsch, Motive Financial’s Assistant Manager, a call to discover just how personable phone interactions can be at Motive. If her enthusiasm and helpfulness were any indication of what Motive client service reps might be like, we can assure you it goes above and beyond the usual phone call with your banker.

According to Pat, “conversation comes naturally to Motive Financial clients. They talk openly and feel comfortable enough to bring up all kinds of topics,” even those unrelated to banking. Pat recalls one such example from a client service rep who received a call from a client looking for financial advice before travelling overseas. “The client had called and told her that he was going to be travelling overseas. And she suggested some points of interest in the locations that he was going to, including where he could withdraw funds if he needed cash. She also talked to him about the maestro fees involved and when and where to make necessary foreign exchanges. He was very happy. She also mentioned to him about booking excursions in Thailand based on her own experiences because she didn’t want him to get overcharged on his trip.”

Building relationships with clients is also a lot easier with Motive because of their close knit, small team. Clients have the ability to call Motive and ask for the same representative they spoke to last time. Pat says these personable interactions have even led to Motive clients being on a first name basis with the staff. “The fact that you can phone and ask to speak to the person you were talking to before is huge,” she explains. “We very much encourage our client service reps talking to the same person more than once and developing a bond with them.” As a result, clients often don’t have to go through the motions of sharing their financial history — because their Motive client representative already knows it.

“Clients can also talk to our reps as long as they need to,” says Pat. “We’ve had clients stay on the phone for up to a half hour or an hour at times.” At Motive Financial, there’s no limit to the amount of questions you can ask. Pat reiterates, “ Our philosophy is whatever time it takes to get whatever they need to get done.”

When asked if Motive employees feel more connected to their clients than other online bank agents might, Pat confirmed that “everyone knows the client and they always know who’s calling.” “It’s a stronger relationship than most non-face-to-face interactions. They can pick up and take off on where they left off in the conversation,” which typifies the ideal personalized banking experience online.

When asked to explain Motive’s client service to someone in just a few words, Pat says without hesitation, “Personal, helpful, guiding.” She adds,“We really want to try hard to provide a personalized service — to listen to the client and try to find the right solution with the right information.”

In conclusion, we asked Pat a few of her favourite things about speaking to Motive Financial clients. “I like the variety,” she remarks. “You never know what kind of conversation you’re going to get, especially since it’s cross country. You get to know people and the region they’re in. It keeps us on top of what’s going on in that area.”

Just in case you were looking for a little extra motivation to pick up the phone, Pat reiterates Motive’s dedication to seeing their clients succeed. Motive Financial understands the importance of listening and building a relationships with all clients to help meet their unique, individual savings goals.