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Hit the refresh button!

You don’t need to wait for January to hit the refresh button on a new year!

You don’t need to wait for January to hit the refresh button on a new year!

September symbolizes so many new beginnings; new school years, or a fresh start at work after the summer holidays have passed. As you begin to cycle your wardrobe and integrate your warmer pieces, break out the crockpot for delicious fall stews and soups, and get settled in your new school and work patterns, make sure your finances don’t get stuck in the setting summer sun.

We have compiled these three simple tips to help your money match your fresh new fall feeling!


1. Review your summer spending, and adjust your budgets if necessary.

We know, we know: the best intentions can sometimes be derailed by the beautiful summer weather. How can you pass up the opportunity to enjoy all the season has to offer? Hit a quick refresh this fall by sitting down with your summer financial statements and review where your money was spent and why. Question if that is still in alignment with your goals, or if you’d like to adjust your budgets for new goals. It’s never too late to make a new start!


2. Estimate what you’ll need for holiday spending, and begin to plan for those expenses.

It feels like summer just ended, but before you know it the holidays will be upon us! Thanksgiving marks the start of the season and if you’re not paying attention it will be 2019 in a blink. After examining your summer numbers, take a look at where you can pull money from to save for your holiday festivities! Did you register for some summer classes that don’t fit your fall schedule? Review those memberships and recurring payments! Once you see where every penny (or nickel, rather) is going, it’s easy to see where you can reallocate. There are several ways to trim here and there, like on your bank fees. Have you taken a look at our great fee-free chequing and savings accounts yet?


3. Check your local flyers for seasonal deals on produce or household items.

We mentioned this in our Back to School post, but this point bears repeating: there are some great deals in flyers! Check your local supermarkets and food stores for their deals of the week, and plan your meals around those specials. Have fun with it, and experiment with new recipes that can make cooking at home a new adventure each night. When you find a great deal, buy in bulk and freeze if possible, to continue maximizing your savings as you work through your stockpile.